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San Antonio's Real Estate Agent Victor Espinoza: Selling a House in San Antonio 101

Hey Guys, Victor Espinoza here,  Selling a House in San Antonio, TX.  There are 3 approaches a seller can choose from. 1. The Aggressive Approach-  This means that you needed to sell like Yesterday and you are extremely motivated and are doing what it takes for you to get your house SOLD. We are priced Below market Value.  Of course working with an Aggressive Realtor like me, I will take the Grand tour and look at your house from a buyers prospective. (This includes luxury homes in San Antonio).  And do the necessary changes that need to be done to make your house stand out. 2. The Market Value Approach-  This is a Seller that knows that they want to sell, but is willing to wait a little bit for the right buyer for there house.  Pricing is normally just above market for some negotiating room.  For example if your house to me is worth In the Low 3's and you think your house is worth 4 million bucks? I would say lets meet somewhere in the middle lets try it at 3.6M.  This also goes for houses that are 200k if the house is  worth say 219K, you think its worth 235.  I would say lets not be the most expensive house on the market let be just under 230K so $229,975.00, it just looks like a deal. =)  So last but not least. 3. The "Lets test the market" Approach-  This is a Seller, that doesn't need to sale but would like to get a certain number for the house.  Which is fine, but being above market Value will either Sit on the market and basically the Agent will be throwing away marketing dollars if he doesn't act fast.  Or the Agent comes up with something Creative to help make the house look like a deal. I'm not going to lie there have been some, "where the heck did that come from" deals that people have been waiting for a certain house to pop up and next thing you know they wanna buy it!  This is the most Risky. Anyway, <span style="font-family: Verdana;">Here are some different approaches to real estate Sellers.  If you have any questions on Selling you property I would be more than happy to assist you.  I do work all price ranges please don't be discouraged to speak with me.  I would love to market and sell your house, then help you find a new one!

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