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Staging  your home

Before and After

One reason why Home Staging works is that people buy on emotion. A house that has the “move-in-ready” appearance will sell quicker and for a higher price than a house that appears dated, cluttered, and requiring work. Buyers nowadays are busy and will avoid labour-intensive houses if they can.


Another reason is that a staged home will look better than other listings. The negative feedback from buyers will be minimised, and that way buyers will have less “ammunition” in negotiating the price down. Also, because of the improved look, your property will attract more buyers, and your chances of finding “the one” will be maxmimised.

Home Staging is important



Did you know that the first 90 seconds of walking into a home, a buyer will automatically mentally make a decision if that property is right for him or her, and spend an average of 6min inside of your home!


This why you have to have a wow factor when entering.  Remember guys first impression is key to set the tone for the rest of a tour.  This is probably the area that is most neglected.  


sproose up with some greenery, a nice apple cinnamon scents for the holidays, turn on lamps, position accent pieces, remove all personal pictures and replace them with beautiful art pictures that are tastefull. We are selling the house, not your family.




Staging for Sellers

What sellers need to understand is that in a competetive market one has to help invision those buyers in there home.  Sell to be Sold!  Because buyers have so much inventory to choose from under a certain price range the deal is to help invision there lives unfolding right before them. Setting the tone, the scents, and visuals attract and give you that first 90 seconds, and objections are easier to be overcome with this.  when their senses are all satisfied, its easier for them to see past through certain things.

Home Staging isn’t a new concept, but with real estate booming for years in Australia many homeowners have never heard of it. However now, as property market is continuing its weakening trend, home staging is becoming increasingly popular. More and more home sellers realise the need to transform their houses, to avoid spending months on the market or compromising on the sale price.


Home Staging is about creating a fairytale for the buyers. Staged homes look bigger, brighter, more inviting, they have this wow factor that make the buyers want to buy them.

Home staging is not about making repairs or giving your house a coat of fresh paint – it is the art of entering a cluttered, dated home and re-arranging, replacing or adding the furniture and accessories in a way that showcases the use – and the potential! – of every room in the best possible way.


For the best way to get featured correctly contact Victor Espinoza to get your house marketed today!

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